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Arniee of Silesian Weim - weimaraner - stud dog

Dam: Dixie od Potoka Kačáku

Sire: Kalimor Celtic Storm At Aarranz

Date of birth: 12.6.2015

Height: 67 cm

Weight: 38 kg


ED: 0/0

Full dentition, scissor bite

No white marks

DNA profile, DNA stored

Heart clear, DCM clear


Hunting tests


Ability test (VJP) - 177 points

Autumn test (HZP) - 1st merit, 294/300 points, nose 4, pointing 4

Special water test - 1st merit, 100/100 points, 1st place

Forest test (fox + blood tracking) - 1st merit, 236/240 points, nose 4




Hungarian Junior Champion

Polish Champion

Slovak Beauty Champion

Hungarian Champion

Hungarian Show Champion

Regional winner

Candidate for C.I.B.

Candidate for C.I.E.


Arniee was born on 12 June 2015 in the kennels Silesian Weim in Český Těšín. Mother Dixie od Potoka Kačáku was voted the 2015 winner of Weimaraner Club in the Czech Republic. Father is a proven English stud dog Kalimor Celtic Storm At Aarranz, who was voted the 2013 Weimaraner in Nottingham.


Arniee moved in our household in mid-August 2015. He demonstrated strong hunting instincts as a young puppy, so in 2016 we started hunting training. We learnt the basics from Dagmar Veličková, with further skills learnt from Luboš Hajný in Staříč. In the autumn of 2016, we passed the Ability test and the Autumn Test of Pointers, which rendered Arniee a dog qualified for hunting. We have made a regular habit since of taking part in 5 or 6 hunting events per year, held by the Coursing Association in Bystřice. Arniee enjoys a perfect nose, a solid build, and a distinctive prey-drive. He loves fetching, with water being his great passion. Arniee is very calm and friendly, but he is also a perfect watchman who will not let anyone else go home. He is a very bright, intelligent and smart dog. He is easy to handle, loving and being devoted to his master.

2016 was also the start of our exhibition career, despite our initial lack of excitement about exhibitions. But even here, Arniee has been doing a great job: he has been awarded champion's title in several European countries. We have travelled thousands of kilometres together, discovering a couple of great friends who share the same passion for this noble hunting breed.

2018 was characterized by the successful qualification as a recognized stud dog. We visited the Special Exhibition of Weimaraner Breeders Club, where Arniee scored the top grade and a wonderful evaluation in the winners' class. This was followed by the selection scrutiny for breeding; the board found Arniee flawless, so he became a candidate for the breeding list. In early June, Arniee went to Zdeněk Veleba to receive a hunting training. Jointly with Zdeněk, we passed the Autumn Test and Special Water Test ranking number one; in Water test, Arniee scored the full amount of points. In late August, Zdeněk's wife Jana took a Forest test with Arniee, ranking number one as well, scoring top but for stalking where he scored grade 3. This way, Arniee met the last condition left for a stud status, qualifying thus as a stud dog. This is the right moment for me to thank Mr. and Mrs. Veleba for their perfect job. We are currently preparing for Versatile Tests of Pointers, with a general plan in mind to take the Blood Tracking Test.

Most certainly, Arniee's offspring will inherit his hunting passion, great outdoor talents and wonderful traits of disposition.

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